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Our latest Drupal website evolution

The Independent Schools Association of Northern New England believes there is no purpose more worthy or essential than educating our children.

The old website was showing its age and the CMS was a proprietary beast. We gave them a new look and Drupalized the backend. Now, not only does the new site look great and work everywhere, the staff has no problem maintaining the site and keeping the content fresh.

Find out more about how we made their website faster, smarter, better.

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sketchnotes from drupalcon LA
People remember things in different ways. For me, writing something down and making it somewhat of an interesting visual mess really works. Here are some of my sketchnotes on a few Drupal Sessions (Click on the Image for Detailed view) : Battle for the Body Field by Jeff Eaton    Creating a Culture of Empowerment by Todd Nienkerk    Ballin' on a Budget: How to Create Great Design Without Breaking the Bank  by Josh Riggs   One... [ read more ]