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Rhode Island to Texas

Texas Tractor Company

The issue:

A Texas-sized company with a Rhode Island-sized website. (No offence, Rhody. We love you.)

The TTC was in an enviable position. They were growing. So much so, in fact, they had outgrown their current website. Since they were such a large Mahindra tractor dealer, Mahindra USA partnered with them to build a website which would emulate the look, feel and functionality of the website. TTC had a web service provider currently but they just didn’t have the skill set in-house to get TTC’s site where it needed to go. So, TTC went looking for a company which could provide the needed solution. Serendipitously, they landed on the Atlas ID website. After a brief chat via the Atlas ID website chat box, it was decided a phone call was in order. So, we talked. Eventually, we came to find not only did they need to emulate Mahindra USA but they also needed a content management system (CMS) which non-technical staff could easily use and maintain. Plus they had some additional requests, such as fully filtered search and related product listing functionality… and they needed it all hosted on a fast server.

Drupal 7 was the perfect fit for them so Atlas got to work on providing them what they needed. Here’s what we did for them...

  • Built out a Drupal core CMS installation and the associated MySQL database

  • Themed the site to the exact specifications they and Mahindra required

  • Incorporated Apache Solr Search functionality with filtered results list

  • Built in dynamic slideshows for both the home pages and product pages

  • Provided a database configuration which allowed all related items of a given product to be displayed along with the product, itself

  • Optimized the code for search engine indexing (SEO)

  • Provided an Acquia hosting solution

TTC has A LOT of tractors, as you might imagine. With so many tractors, trying to find all the associated/related items would have been a daunting task for their site visitors without the functionality of the related items display built in. Now it’s a breeze for clients to find not only the tractor that suits their needs but also all of the related attachments and such that were made for it.

Also as you might imagine, customers want to see pictures of tractors and their related items. With so many images having to load concurrently, a site on a non-optimized server would slow to a crawl. A proper hosting solution which allowed for speedy load times was mandatory. That’s where Acquia came in. We host all our web solutions on our Acquia servers. They’re specifically optimized for Drupal and Drupal Commerce sites so even customers on slower connections can easily get to the information they want in short order.

Now, Texas Tractor Company Company LOOKS like a Texas tractor company, as they should.

  • Robust Drupal 7 CMS
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Dynamic slideshows
  • Full product filtering
  • Related product listings