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Responsive E-Commerce Website

Liberty Sales & Distribution

No- commerce to E-commerce in 3 Months

Liberty Sales is a growing natural gas and water supply company which has been in business since 2004. They had a website which was dated and was not a good reflection of the company they have become over the past several years. Their primary competitors had more modern-looking websites and Liberty felt as though they needed a site which could stand up against (and outshine) their competition. They wanted a new look to their corporate website which was more updated. Also, their old site had no ecommerce - something they wanted integrated into the new site.

A couple of things which sets Liberty apart from its competition are their personal level of service to customers in the field and the large number of product and service-related resources they offer. Since the staff provides on-site service, having the website content reflow according to the various screen sizes and orientations which might be used to view the site content was important. Therefore, they needed a responsive website which looked great and functioned well on many different devices (iPads, iPhones, Android phones, etc.) They also wanted the ability to allow staff to add, remove and edit products - which meant the Content Management System (CMS) needed to be easy to use for non-technical staff. They also have multiple regional sales offices and staff and they wanted their customers to be able to communicate directly with the appropriate regional offices. All of these things were easily within the skill set of the team at Atlas - and here's how it played out...

What we did:

  • Established a development and testing server environment

  • Performed Drupal core installation

  • Performed Drupal Commerce installation

  • Customized commerce product entity types

  • Allowed for bulk product uploads via Excel (or any CSV) file type for multiple product listings

  • Built out custom product Views with featured products slider and related product images

  • Integrated a media module to allow for product and service-specific video and print media access to all visitors to the site

  • Enabled Facet Filters in conjunction with Apache Solr Search for product-filtered search results

  • Added integrated FedEx shipping options

  • Coded multiple checkout options, including RFQ (Request For Quote) items

  • Integrated a payment gateway solution

The result of our collaboration ended up with Liberty garnering a completely new presence in their industry and getting into the game with advanced ecommerce functionality. Now, the appropriate regional staff can be connected with the right customer and the appropriate resources can be accessed on-site on whatever device happens to be handy. Orders can be placed right through the site either while the rep is on-site with the customer or any time thereafter. Of course, any additionally related products will appear alongside the original product inquiry. 

  • Responsive Web Design
  • E-commerce
  • Powerful CMS
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Module Development