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Meet the team

The Shoulders of Atlas

Meet the team that's going to make your website faster, smarter, better.


Project Manager

Our projects always stay on-track and on-time and Ted is the reason why. With his many years of experience in business administration and organization, Ted keeps a project focused on its core mission and makes certain everything runs smoothly – right up until that time: LAUNCH DAY!


Technical Lead / Senior Developer

Glenn is an Acquia certified Drupal developer who has flown around the country leading seminars on HTML5, responsive design and user experience for fortune 100 technology companies. If anything has anything to do with the web then we can count on him to be in the know.



Drupal Architect / Senior Developer

The name says it all. From DOS to HTML5 Herc has been helping businesses connect with customers since 1998. His experience with business on the web keeps us focused on our mission - building websites that help build businesses.



Lead Designer

With his advanced qualifications in the entire industry standard Adobe Creative Suite of applications, Victor gives our core creations the "WOW" factor they need to make our clients’ sites stand out from the crowd.




Somebody has to make sure the jigawatts of electricity pumped into our office keeps flowing. Maria is that person. After 17 years at Morgan Stanley, it was time for a change. We’re grateful she chose Atlas as her new home!



User Experience

Dani studied at Harvard then applied her knowledge in data analysis and quality assurance for companies such as Maximus and Dell. Her UX guidance is invaluable.



Information Technology

Our service (and your product) lives on the web but the web has to live somewhere, too. With over 27 years experience in hardware technologies Jim oversees our servers, our computers, everything we need to keep our business (and yours!) running smoothly.



Atlas is hiring!

We're looking for a few good people who have the skills and want to work in a challenging environment with a growing company. If you're as passionate about web development as the rest of our staff and you think you have what it takes to join our team then follow the link to your future...